This project which I participated as an audio collective in 2016 at well-known venue Roundhouse

led by Gawain Hewitt.
They have a space for young talented artist providing a lot of opportunity including workshop, events etc.

This one was the first time that I was exploring my artistic territory combine music, technology, story-telling,

This piece is about the moment of your last in this world. The gap between life and death.

I connected the sensors to a different part of the body on the skeleton and the props.

Which I got helped with other talented artist in the collective using Arduino. 

So it triggers the Voice sample which is Thanatos's question I recorded of my voice and pitched down, and

other two probs are connected with a magnetic sensor, so one is triggered by detaching (taking heart outside of the box) and attaching. (putting the brain inside of the box)

And there was a pad on the floor, the pressure triggers the video and background music.
So, as you step on that spot, video (flashback) and music will be played.
I made the music from a famous aria by  Händel,

Lascia ch'io pianga
Mia cruda sorte
E che sospiri
La libertà
E che sospiri
E che sospiri
La libertà

Let me weep
My cruel fate,
And that I
should have freedom.


While it is playing like a flashback of your memory, you can start to touch the props and instructions are below.

1.Step into your past
Trigger - Sample Audio/Video  -
It will play the last song for you.
(Pressure sensor)

2. Touch his spine
Trigger - Sample Audio -
He will welcome you. Greeting. 
(Touch sensor)

3. Touch his mouth
Trigger - Sample Audio -
'What is your last word?'
(Touch sensor)

4. Touch his chest and hold your heart.
Trigger - Sample Audio -
'What is the best moment in your life that still can make your heartbeat'
(Touch sensor/ Magnetic sensor)

5.Touch his right hand.
Trigger  -
'Pick one memory you want to change'
(Touch sensor)

6. Put the brain inside of the box
Trigger - the Light bulb  -
'See if you can make it (b)right.
(Magnetic sensor)

7.Touch his left hand
Trigger - Sample Audio -
Screaming voice 'L(ea/i)ve' and Laughter.
(Touch sensor)

After the interaction, Outside of the curtain, you can seat down in front of the tombstone
And write an answer. And the brief moment to be in that gap, we come back to life.

 03   Exhibition

17th July 2016  @Round House London

 04   Gallery

The Roundhouse Audio Collective are a talented group of 16-25 year-olds interested in music as art, modular synthesis, sound manipulation, advanced music technology and building their own instruments.

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