01   Sera EKE -'Past ; Memories' 

 02   Lisa Lonkowski -'Silencio'

 03   Sera EKE - 'Future : Imagination' 

Take Courage Gallery in association with Exchange invited everyone to the official re-launch event for 'Take Courage Gallery'.
Exchange Project held a venue takeover of Amersham Arms on the 28th of March 2018.

The evening consisted of a survey exhibition of artists whom Exchange Project work with, including Joshua Vaughan, Maxwell Rushton, Maria Positano, James Sirrelll, Corey Whyte, Lawrence Blackman (Loz Vegas), and Katie Lennard, Also Independent artist Clemence Debaig in the Take Courage Gallery.  (Click the name to check their Work)

Lozt Real, Me/Mi MoMo Mu and Sera Eke performed throughout the evening in The Amersham Arms event venue, and there was an evening-long installation-performance by Adrian Del Arroyo’s & Contemporary Dance Company (of City Academy) in collaboration with Joshua Freddie Vaughan. 

This venue took a very significant role in my career. 

The previous year, 2018, I took the music video for my 3rd EP 'White Room'  at the gallery upstairs.

when I got the message from Joshua Vaughan at the beginning of January 2019, that he is going to manage that venue and offered me to perform for the night. I was very surprised.

At that time, It was a January with new years spirit so I wanted to bring new music.

So, I suggested 3 tracks that previously released will be performed in the Gallary space and the new tracks will be downstairs which has a huge stage area.

So, I contacted to Award-winning Choreographer Adrian del Arroyo and directed the space and the performance with his company.

Also, He designed my captivating costume you can see below.

And the video on this page is the brief footage How it went on that day.

In the gallery space, there are significant works exhibiting from the artist listed above. Amongst Everyone's chaos, Maxwell Rushton's work which is the shape of human seating inside of the plastic bag placed in the middle of the room I just sang around it with dancers with their own inner chaos. 

Was it some kind of ritual? maybe that could've been me in that plastic bag or human inside of that bag singing through me as no one is listening and dumped.

One of the songs that I sang in that room was 'white room.'

I master the madness,  ‘cause I know I’ve got no choice


I shout from the shadows,  but no one can hear my voice  - White room 

Between the two acts, There was  Mid - act from Lisa Ronkowski  Starred in the award-winning short horror film 'The Nocnitsa

performed her original poem called 'Silencio'.  Very Famme fatal in my eyes with deep agony became a bridge of the night.

And there are two photographers came to capturing the moment. Pouru Onishi and Stephanie Mcmahon.

On the First slide below you can see stunning and captivating Pictures taken by London based Photographer Stephanie McMahon .

She has a very unique eye. Personally, I feel like l am captured through her inner beauty so her work is my favourite from any other picture taken during the show when I feel I don't find the beauty in me I always look at these photos. Very powerful work.

and If you are an artist I think he might have taken your picture at least one time.

His name is POURU ONISHI. Very Mysterious Grandpa photographer.

He goes everywhere to capture the moment.

To be honest, I was very insecure about my self-image when I look at my raw-unfiltered face expression.
It had been hard to look at myself through his lens.

Now, that fog is lifted up and so proud to see myself and only gratitude of his work is left.

I am honoured to be in his work and very grateful for he had been coming lot of my show that I have done in London. 

Exchange is an art residency project, founded by James Sirrell and Joshua Vaughan, held at the Finborough Arms, with monthly shows held by resident artists.

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