01   Collaboration - Body Modeling

It was back in 2016, I happened to visit an exhibition in East London. I think I just looked around consciously and unconsciously and stopped in front of one artist. 

we started to engage conversation. that was maybe one of the significant encounters in my life.

It was Joshua Freddie Vaughan a sculptor, musician, writer and curator, based in South London. 

Every time I met him, He has full of insight which broadens my scope to the world.

I feel like his work is came from behind the world that we don't see and just like things that I saw in my dream but just really vague if that was what I saw. So It gives me a weird feeling even when I see his work physically in front of my eyes but feel like it is the vague same time. as if you are in a lucid dream and that is the object and it is so tangible so you want to bring that object into reality.

So, 2018, He throws this idea of making my arm as sculpt.
We tried different medium which is Wax, Gypsum, and eventually bronze. He once taught me how to make a shape with clay as well!

Each process was very therapeutic As if I become children and we having art class! was awe of all the idea and skill to bring things in the object was fascinated me.

I went to school a few times to see the process of making bronze.
It was a bit some sort of shock to see the process to see how human make something with an extreme method with heat and dangerous gears. 

before he poured the melted bronze, I put some of my hair a few drops of my blood. Hope this hand can be to reach out to soul who need my hand in another dimension.

 02   Exhibition

3rd Aug 2018.   "...in the Hands of...", @ The Steam Ship Project Space

 03   Gallery

Joshua Freddie Vaughan is a sculptor, musician, writer and curator, based in South London.

Since graduating from university he has regularly participated in exhibitions with Flux Exhibition, The London Group,  Chelsea UAL, CGLAS and others.

He has been the wood-working Fellow of CGLAS as well as running a project called Exchange, a nomad curatorial venture that used to be based in The Finborough Arms.  

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