01   Collaboration

Back in 2015, I arrived in London, started to go to Roundhouse which is famous Venue which a lot of legendary artists played at.

as I got introduced there are a Youth programme and facility for Young creatives underneath of main stage area, I started to use the studio and go there almost 7 days a week.

I was a bit loner, I had my wall at the beginning of 1 or 2 years. just locked myself in the room and develop my own thing.

and slowly I was getting comfortable with people.


there are a lot of young hearts digging their creative minds, and time to time hang out together.

and Mary A.K.A WondRWomN, she was also using the space to develop her music career.

We started to hang out, inviting to each other's show, When she started running 'The RecShop' which is the studio space for young disadvantage creatives to help and give them an opportunity to develop their music, I got invited to her event supporting community and Charity and I am so glad that I could be part of it as a singer.

I also made some tracks for us and I got feature her tracks as well.

Sometimes I jumped on the stage without previous planning and be hypeman for her show and it was thrilling to experience when I was having dinner with my other friend near the venue and when she sent me the message that she was about to be on the stage I just ran to the venue open the main door dramatically and throw the coat and jumped on the stage and sang with her.

 02   Feature / Collaboration

10.May.2016 - REMIX21 @RichmixLondon

21.May.2016 - Leicester - Networking -  @O2 Think big

30.Oct.2016 - Leeds  @ Redbull event

29.Jul.2018 -  The Rec show @ Five miles

4.dec.2019  - Charity Event Haringey Giving @Watling street beer

11.March.2020  -   @sundayassembly London

9.March.2020 -  Women in Tottenham  @craving coffee

29.Feb.2020 @ Sofar Sound

21.June.2020 @Renegade Picnic Festival


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WondRWomN has been bubbling on the UK's Hip Hop scene for a while now, cultivating her own niche style of rap that heavily incorporates lyricism, soul, boom bap jazzy production and live instrumentation.

 03   Gallery

 04   The RecShow


The RecordShop is a social enterprise that aims to bridge the gap between young musicians living in inner-city London and lifestyle brands, founded by WondRWomN. We are an independent grassroots organisation that has built a network of 700+ registered users and partnered with global brands including O2 Telefonica, Samsung, Nike, Tottenham Hotspurs and RedBull, helping them reach millennial audiences. 

Our role is to provide a safe space for young people to nurture their personal and professional skills through our music programme and facilities. We are on a mission to educate, inform and inspire youths between ages 16 to 25 to connect with their community through music.

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