01   About My Performance

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Last 5 years Living in London I performed various occasion including EP Launch, Exhibition, Gallary Opening, Supporting Charity, Roundhouse support act as a Resident Artist.

I developed my performance through the stage and also open-space such as Gallery, Hotel bar, Warehouse, Cathedral etc.

And various collaborating act such as Exhibition, Gallary opening, Cathedral, Wood stock revival Festival, Orchestra, Big band, Contemporary Dance, Sculptor etc.

I like breaking the boundary between the stage and the audience and mix the energy in that space and time.

I am aiming for more collaboration with Many different styles of acts including Dance company, Choir, Orchestra, Painter, Theater, Sculptor, etc to connect the world and spread their culture through my music. 

 02   Performance History

Solo Act with My Original Track.

19.March 2016 Round House Rising Solo act + Feature Act with WondrWomn  @Roundhouse

10.May.2016 - REMIX21 @Richmix

2.June.2016 Racket 808 @waiting room

4.June 2016 Residency Acts @Roundhouse

13.Aug.2016 - Camden beach Support Act @ Round House 

6.Sep.2016 - Jylda @ Servant Jazz Quarters

1.Feb 2017 - Residency Acts @Roundhouse

7.Jul.2017 - CTM Presents: Don't Ask Don't Tell #1 @Sebright Arms

11.Nov.2017 - First EP Launch-Show Intox Extravaganza III @ the DIY Space

8.Jan.2018 - Mental Note @ The Water Rats

2.Feb.2018 - In the Round: Nadine Shah with support from NJE + Sera EKE @Roundhouse

28.Feb.2018 - Roundhouse Rising Festival  @YoutubeSpace

29.July.2018 The Rec show. @Five miles

3.Aug.2018 - In the hands of... @The Steamship

29.Sep.2018 - Voice of Aiko presents: 'Prescription Dream' @Leman Locke 

6.Dec.2018 - London Ultra Art Extravaganza @OXO TOWER

28.Mar.2019 - Take Courage Gallery x Exchange Project Relaunch Exhibition @Amersham Arms

8.June.2019 - Crouched festival @Stationers park

3.Dec.2019 - Big Live Music Event Haringey Giving  @watlingstbeer

1.Feb.2020 - HELP 4 EMILY by among | bright | lights 


Collaboration Act with Original track from Film and Cover songs with George Kochbeck


1.June.2019 - Von den Leidenschaften - Stadttheater Herford

2. June.2019 - Von den Leidenschaften -  Bückeburg

21.June. 2019 - Von den Leidenschaften - Kirchentag Dortmund


17. Aug.2019 Summer of Lovers Woodstock Revival - Bückeburg


30.July.2020. Summer of Lovers -  Bückeburg

28.Aug.2020. Summer of Lovers -  Bückeburg

29.Aug.2020  Minden

 03   Performance

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