01   Oxo Tower Exhibition   &   Site-Specific Performance

I was working with London based  Sculptor 'Joshua Vaughan' , He invited me to several Exhibitions to perform and this is one of it. 

So far, My favorite one!

Thankfully, I got introduce to Artist Sally buchanan who is  Secretary and Vice Chair of the Free Painters Sculptors and Printmakers.

and I got this opportunity to sing and perform at this brilliant Exhibition / Award.

"Practicing in Art in the here and now is a paradoxical challenge and then again the most natural path to take, its a vehicle to express awareness ; acknowledging the possible and the impossible, the actual and apparent, the cause and the effect, the dark and the light, it's a real affirmation of human potential; a search for the other, a search for more complex meaning, a search for another existence, a search for the impossible. Sometimes I become a mirror, maybe a quirk in time channelling and grasping for some accessible aspects of otherness " "For the moment, I have settled on the idea that life itself is a creative experiment - its a direct response to a conscious acceptance of engagement with presence and I make work that becomes the material evidence of this participation." The work, as witness explores, confronts, nudges and leaps; at times even escaping from individual and collective conflicts. - Sally Buchanan 

I broght part of her bio As i was strongly resonated by her words.

Luckily I was developing my performance with the Contemporary dance company led by Adrian Del Arroyo award-winning Choreographer. We were exploring Site-specific performance through my music and art. And I was getting more curious about the idea of what is the meaning of performing outside of 'Stage' and I would like to explore more in a different setup.

 02   Footage

 04   Gallery 

The Free Painters and Sculptors has a unique place in British art. The group was established in 1952 and was originally associated with the ICA.

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