When I started to write these lyrics,

this piano intro reminded me of the song ‘The voice within’ from Christina Aguilera.

As she did on her song, I wanted to say something to my past.

So I put the title as ‘The space between us.’  As if it reminded me of parallel worlds. 



The shadow of our past could separate us, but also make us special.

So, What do I want my shadows to be?

If I must have some kind of a courage, and act like I have some,

what do I have to do with my frustration with the situation that I couldn’t do..


This song started with the question, and end with the answer which is not specified.

You could take this song very sadly, or very hopeful depends on your mindset when you are listening to this.



I, once, fall in love with this girl, which I just ‘didn’t’ (not couldn’t) confess.

Did I have to confess my heart? Or was it right just to put it in the shadow?


There is full of question, just like our life.

And sometimes you can find some advice from outside which is ‘Uncomfortable positiveness’


I wanted this song reminds people of their positiveness of their love toward themselves or others from inside your heart.

By awaring, and accepting that there is a shadow of our love.





When I was planning to make this video, I had to make a choice between two stories that I had on my mind.


As you can see the title of this video Is [THE SPACE BETWEEN US] so I thought I could describe the love between the Sun and the earth.


Earth cannot get close to the sun as she can burn down by the love of sun. 


and also I think if I was earth, I might feel shamed because Sun is burning(sacrificing) her body, and give so much energy(love) to the earth. but then nothing I could do and can even leave the sun because of their gravity of love.



It could’ve been great if I had found the way to make it as a video. 

But, couldn’t find the way.


So, I had to figure out a different way.

One day I went to eBay and bought this bunch of a used barbie doll set from some kid’s mom (I suppose).

And I shaved their hair except for one doll (the main character), and I put the clay on their head and made a dress for them.


I was trying to make the doll gender-neutral as much as possible.

(Although, I used the ‘girl’ in the lyrics) 

Because I just don’t want this video to be only about LGBTQ ’s Love and the witch hunting.

I want people who are ‘Not Accepting other people’s love’ to realise we all doing the general concept of love.

To me, that is a good approach to people who have lack of empathy.



So, in this video, there is a premise that if two falls in love, one gets one eye, other gets two.

And the witch is executing those who got one eye. ( is that mean the witch is fall in love and executed their lover too?

 They’re doing this because they think perfect love is only through the two eyes?)




The main character (A) found the girl (B) in the dark. And they share the tears (same emotion), and they’re opening their eyes to love. 

And the question is thrown,

When the fear is gone, we can be together. But can we fill the space between us?


Throughout the video,

‘A’ helped her escaping then when the witch found them,’A’ turned her back on B. 

And when they are facing a final moment, A came forward trying to stop the witch.

Next scene, A got thrown away by the witch

( Did ‘A’ died at this moment? And everything from here is just imagination?).

‘A’  woke up, found 'B''s Ashes.

She cries without tears, and the tears are dropping after she took her both eyes off.



From the scene with white background, (it could be after death, heaven, imagination etc.)

'A' found 'B' which with no eye.

So ‘A’ gave her one eye to 'B', but then they think it is meaningless to have the eye

Finally realised they could love with their heart.




The day, that I finished shooting the last scene, I couldn’t stop crying for a while.

I put the set in corner of my room and I was living with them for a few month together.

So when they put some kind of a full stop mark [.] on my work and comma [,] on their love I just fell they just left somewhere that I can’t reach.


Certainly, this song and the video giving me full of questions about love.

Each time, giving me a different perspective and different questions.


And hope You have the same experience too...






London Based Artist, Musician,Producer,Director.