He is a german musician play keyboard and sing and composing film score based in Hannover. I met him in 2012 when I went to Hamburg to attend the Reeperbahn festival.

It was a brief introduction and He connected me and his son Lucas Kochbeck which also a musician and a producer.


Since then, I often visited Hamburg to work with his son and finally in 2014, I went to Hannover to work with him for the first time.

We released songs for various documentary and film.

First of all, Started with Queen of Christina (Swedish queen), I tried to tap into her life and sang as if I was her. 

And Another song for Dekadenz which broadcasted on ALTE last year.
I worked 2 tracks for this film.  'Ballet', 'Dancing off the Edge'.

And Amazing lyricist Kate Northrop was on board to write very delicate emotion through the words.

Since then we became like a dream team to make an amazing song.
George make music, Kate writes lyrics and I put a melody on it (or vice versa) and sing and perform in a various show in Germany.

besides that,  Since 2019, George organized the festival to revive Woodstock and I was invited to perform Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit which I really fond of this track as if it is mine.

Last year, due to covid, we had a hybrid show both offline-online concert under the regulation.

And I performed White rabbit again and White shade of pale from Procol Harum, Diamonds are forever from Shirley Bassey.


This year, one more track we already recorded will be released and be broadcased on

Leipzig Homicide ( SOKO Leipzig ) which is a German crime drama television series.

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George Kochbeck is Hannover, Germany based Film score composer, Producer, Songwriter, Keyboard, Vocalist.

Born on August 15, 1955 in Gütersloh, Germany, GEORGE KOCHBECK began to be musically active very early.

Influenced by the beat and soul music of the 60s, he founded his first band BALLY HOO in 1969, followed by the bands VIRUS and SKYLINE, in which he worked as a keyboardist, singer and composer. The SKYLINE album "Louise For One Night" was released in 1976.

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