01   Collaboration -Dance Performance

When we have broken heart experience, sometimes we just try something we never tried to do.

Taking the Contemporary dance classes was one of the decision to move out from that pain.

When I was in my childhood, I did ballet, Korean traditional dance, Hip-hop, K-pop dance etc.

But I always conner of my mind I wanted to explore contemporary.

 I didn't know what it was but when I saw the student taking the contemporary after my ballet class,

I just felt so frustrated feel like that is not my 'level'.

 It looked very physical and rolling on the floor looked dangerous to me.

So, I registered dance classes and it was a literal mind-blowing challenge and experience.

That liberation but also limitation same time and tangible frustration to enjoyable enlightenment was there.

As, an artist it is amazing to see the potential how much that I can explore a different way of express 'Life'.

In this project, Adrian Del Arroyo, who was my teacher and a collaborator,
we worked closely and this was one of the opportunities that we got while I was making sculpture with Joshua, Samuele who was organizing this exhibition at the Rectory Project which is an artist-led project space in East London came to me and asked me Do you know any dancer? and I was like How many? 

He was looking for some dancers for other projects that he been working on, but when the creative brain gathered we find something interesting to do to fill in space and time.

This time, I participated as a performer, but I do feel it was part of me as sera eke with no Mic.

You can see there is chaos.

I edited this video,
If you want to see my work as a videographer and read other perspectives of this day check this website.

If I think back now, the art piece from Bea Bonafini which we could actually hold them and perform with it made more intense to me.

Also When I entered Anne Ryan's room with shapes of body sculpture middle of it...

I think I felt the distance from outside of that room. Was this sculpture laughed at me?

From EKEYE's Note

 02   Exhibition

15 Aug 2018.   The Rectory Project 'Bea bonafini & Anne Ryan' @ the rectory project / Garageland

 03   Gallery

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